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We help build, test and launch ideas into the world by convening communities,
developing technology and inspiring innovation. Our best work is done
at the intersection of code creators, change makers and passionate explorers.

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Global Hackathons

Event Planning

We are best known for our thoughtfully branded, technology-focused and truly global events that create opportunities for our partners to collaborate directly with their community and create lasting and measurable results.

Digital Strategy

We are experts at harnessing the best of the digital world to deliver integrated and consistent marketing campaigns across multiple channels, developing award winning platforms, and improving social media engagement. Our approach leads to the creation of truly memorable experiences and platforms that you will want to share with others.

Technology Consulting

We’ve helped organizations in a range of industries make the business case for innovation, identify new opportunities, improve the way they communicate and make decisions, develop new products and services, and create memorable experiences that engage their communities and envision a better world.

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Our expertise in event planning, digital media, and technology development
enables our partners of all shapes and sizes to prepare for the future,
no matter where we join them on their digital journey.

  • Record Breaking Hackathons

    Thousands of hackathons in over a hundred countries in all corners of the world. We have been reinventing the hackathon experience for five years.

  • Mission-Focused Technology

    We’re constantly looking for new ways to make interacting with your organization worth your community’s time. There is no better way to do this then to invite and inspire them to participate in helping you further your mission through technology.

  • Community Engagement

    We help you connect, convene and engage your community through meaningful conversations, purposeful gatherings and responsive followup. Each engagement is specifically crafted to help organizations grow your brand’s awareness.

  • Collaborative Partnerships

    We create truly collaborative partnerships that wouldn't exist otherwise. In fact, it's through unique partnerships that innovative ideas are born.

  • Flawless Implementation

    Having a great idea is one thing, but implementing it is entirely another. We are known for delivering cutting edge work — on time and on budget.

  • Data-Driven Results

    Data not only helps us measure success, but also plays an indispensable role in strategy. We intentionally use data analytics to improve the user experience and help our partners plan and achieve their goals.

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What it means to be on mission, to serve others, and to be a global church—is literally being redefined right in front of us. And it’s technology that is making this a reality.

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Quite Uncommon is a technology and innovation agency that partners with forward-thinking organizations (like YOU!), helping convene communities to build, test and launch ideas into the world.